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Tuesday, June 21

Pengganti yang lebih baik

Dari La Tahzan :

"Allah tidak pernah mencabut sesuatu dari anda kecuali Dia menggantikannya dengan lebih baik, tetapi mestilah dengan bersabar dan redha dengan segala ketentuanNya.

Barangsiapa yang Aku butakan kedua matanya, lalu ia bersabar, nescaya aku ganti dengan syurga.  (Al-Hadith)

(nota : tiba-tiba saya terkenangkan novel "Hani")

Siapa saja orang di dunia ini yang kekasihnya Aku cabut nyawanya, kemudian dengan cubaan yang Aku timpakan ini dia (bersabar dan) mengharap pahalaKu, nescaya akan Aku ganti dengan syurga.  (Al-Hadith)

Menurut buku ini, siapa yang kehilangan anaknya dan tetap berusaha untuk bersabar, maka di Alam sana akan dibangunkan untuknya Baitul-Hamd (Istana Pujaan).  

Kesejahteraan dan kebahagiaan bagi kalian kerana kalian telah bersabar dalam mentaati Allah dan menerima cubaanNya.  Syurga adalah sebaik-baik tempat kesudahan. (Ar-Ra'd : 24)

Mereka itulah yang mendapat keberkatan yang sempurna dan rahmat dari Rabb mereka, dan mereka itulah orang-orang yang mendapat petunjuk.  (Al-Baqarah : 157)

Wahai orang-orang yang tertimpa musibah, sesungguhnya tiada sesuatu pun yang hilang dari kalian.  Kalian justeru beruntung, kerana Allah selalu menurunkan sesuatu kepada para hambaNya dengan "surat ketetapan" yang disela-sela huruf kalimahNya terdapat suatu kelembutan, kasih-sayang, pahala, ada balasan, dan juga pilihan.  Maka dari itu, siapa yang tertimpa musibah yang hebat, ia harus menghadapinya dengan sabar, mata yang jernih dan pola fikiran yang panjang.

Sesungguhnya apa yang ada di sisi Allah itu lebih baik, lebih abadi, lebih utama dan lebih mulia.

Wednesday, July 7

My PhD roller coaster ride - Part 3 (kisah teman)

bahagian akhir 


Note # 9 The last part is the most difficult part.

Writing thesis is the most challenging part of the PhD ! I didn’t realize this at first and had allocated only 3 months after I finish my labwork for my thesis writing. My sv said – you’ll need 6 months . It finally took me 9 months ! So my advice to all students , do give plenty of time for thesis writing. I tell you why it’s hard - It’s very boring, it’s very time consuming and it’s very frustrating but it can be done! I have divided my notes about thesis writing into 2 ; (1) the thesis itself (2) the writing process.

1. The thesis itself
a) Think about what is it that we want to tell people with the thesis ..what is great about it? It
has to be one whole story

b) Everything needs to be linked – intro, objectives, lit review, discussion will answer the Q’s
asked in the introduction.

c) Have a frame of the thesis early (latest a year prior to submission) and discuss with the sv
about it to make sure that we’ve got enough data to write about.

d) Understand that the thesis or any type of writing requires a certain structure. For example;
one paragraph tells one story and the story needs intro, points and conclusion. Attend
seminars or read books on how to improve on the thesis structure.

e) Apart from content, we need to make sure that our thesis is readable. To achieve this, we
have to make sure each sentence is connected to the sentence before. Again, do find tips
on how to make our thesis readable and not confusing.

f) I would advice that people start with the literature review and do a good job about it
because a good literature background will help with the discussions.

g) Do not spend too much time on the materials and methods – that’s the easy part and be
brave to tackle the most difficult part of the thesis – the discussion – early.

h) Get the first whole draft done ASAP. Because thesis is a whole document, sv can help
more if the document is almost complete. Plus, it’s easier once the first draft is done.

2. The writing process.

i) Thesis writing is hard for everyone ! English speaking or not. So, don’t are not
the only one.

j) Discipline is very important! Ignore distractions cause everything else will seem more
interesting than thesis writing even washing the toilet ! switch off internets, e-mail..don’t
facebook !! do that during breaks..

k) If possible, write the thesis continuously .. throughout the studies . Two hours a day in the
morning – just write. I didn’t do it but had hoped that I did.

l) Write the thesis in chunks – make realistic datelines. Realistic for me was 1 or 2 or 3
subsections of lit review in 1 day. No more. It always take about twice or three times the
time allocated to finish a section.

m) Writing thesis is very time consuming. I actually took at least 1 month each for literature
review and every results chapter. – be prepared for that and give the time. I’m hoping it’ll
be faster for you but just keep it in mind..If too little time is given - , we’ll get stressed and

n) Almost every statement that we make in the literature review and discussion needs backup
from the literature. So this takes a long time. Be prepared to have to read more and more as
we go along.

o) There will be a lot of frustrating moments..when stuck, when getting bad feedbacks, when
we need to add more, when the thesis structure changes....but just hang in there, take a
deep breath or take a break and move on..

p) Still be in touch with the sv.. we need them to make sure that we don’t stray away.

q) Language does interfere with conveying facts – so do get help from colleague, professionals
to proofread your thesis if needed - this will require extra time.

r) Writing thesis require hard work, a lot of reading and if the head does not hurt
from thinking.. that’s not enough thinking so fire those neurons some more !

Note #10 We are not alone

Life is hard for all PhD students.. but believe me, all Phd students do have common problems, issues and worries and most PhD students will make it ! So do discuss, mingle, ask opinion, chat and chill with fellow eases unnecessary worry . Don’t be scared to expose our work to others as it might be critised.. critisicm is important for us to move forward..I like my hubby’s analogy of American football about this.. we need to step backward to move forward. If get criticized..just swallow it, accept it if it’s right, do not be defensive and move on..if we get a chance to present your work.. take the opportunity and do it. We need to open ourselves for criticism. Not only we get help, it also ensure that we take your work more seriously cause of course we don’t want to be slammed during presentations. I was fortunate to take part of a yearly postgrad conference where 20-30 postgrads working on beef and sheep projects are gathered to present their work to be criticized by experts. It also came with a workshop and for many, nights of fun and a lot of booze.. I really enjoyed those conferences ( not the booze ;)) because not only I learn lot in the confererences, but it’s also good to see that no matter what topic, what nationality , what age..PhD students do have very similar problems.. it helped to feel that I was not alone.

Note #11 Keeping motivated

It is very easy to get demotivated and as a result slack during PhD , isn’t it ? It’s hard to comment on this because everyone is motivated by different things. Motivation can come from outside and inside. My family is a big motivation for me. At the same time, doing my PhD for the Almighty ( lilla hi Taala) helps to get me motivated. PhD is definitely in –line with what the Almighty wants of us which is to obtain knowledge. So ;

1) When we do our PhD for Allah, we are sincere, we do not just work for the supervisors, we will work hard all the time, because we know Allah is always watching.

2) When we do our PhD for Allah, we want to do the best because, the Almighty Allah has given us so much - our life, our health , our family, the sun and rain, the air that we breath, the ability to breath, the chance to do PhD ( not too many people get the chance). The very least for us to do to show our appreciation to Allah is to always do our best as He deserves no less from us.

3) When we do our PhD Allah, we will not slack. Almost all of us PhD students are scholarship holders . We will realize that we are accountable for every cent of allowance that we get . Every cent of allowance that we will use to buy food for us and our family. We have to make sure that every cent that we get is ‘Halal’ and thus it is our responsibility to make full use of the paid time allocated for us to do our PhD. So because of that, we will not waste time unnecessarily.

4) When we do our PhD for Allah – we will be strong and accept challenges. We are the Khalifah (leaders) of Allah! Being the best of His creations, we can do wonders and make changes ! We are capable of doing so much more than we allow us to do, so we will strive hard and keep going.

5) When we do our PhD for Allah – we will preservere as we know that we are not alone. Allah the Most Mighty and Merciful is always with those who please Him. So , if we get frustrated, demotivated, we can always turn the Allah to share our problems and ask for His help to give us the strength.

Note #12 – It’s a choice

Like everything else in life, completing PhD is a choice. A choice that we have to make and wholeheartedly work hard for. I don’t think people are destined to finish the PhD or is still a choice. That is why are we are always encouraged to keep trying (ikhtiar). It’s up to us to make the choice and of course, a choice is followed by a consequence. So, do choose to take control of our PhD , choose to work hard, choose to ignore distractions and excuses, choose to get help when needed, choose to go that extra mile so that the PhD can be completed excellently. In addition, do choose to be closer to the Almighty, choose to please the Almighty and everyone around you and choose to get extra points with good deeds. So that in the end, the consequence is- PhD will be completed. Remember the phrase “ if there is a will..there is a way” ? If we want something so bad, we will choose to work so hard for it and we will get it. So, do choose to approach Phd that way cause I’m sure, if we’ve done our part, ALLAH being the most gracious and merciful.. will grant us what we want.
Alas, if that doesn’t happen and if we’ve done everything we can..but still does not complete the PhD..don’t despair, life moves on. There is a reason to that and the Almighty does knows best.

So there you go, twelve notes on my PhD roller coaster ride. Please clarify, that I am not against people pursuing PhD. I am glad I did mine as it is a life-changing experience that will help me be a better and stronger person in the future, Insyaallah. I actually encourage everyone to pursue knowledge at any level. My only intention for my little scribble is so that it can be used as some sort of a guide so that PhD of others can be made less stressful and can be completed sooner rather than later. Before I end my notes, I do wish to apologise if anyone’s feelings got hurt with my little notes, it is never my intention and I hope everyone can take my notes positively. All the best to everyone and feel free to contact me if you want to discuss anything about PhD !


Tuesday, June 29

MY PhD roller coaster ride - Part 1 (Kisah teman)

Saya telah mendapat keizinan dari rakan saya yang baru saja mendapat ijazah kedoktorannya pada bulan April yang lalu untuk berkongsi pengalaman dan tips ketika beliau membuat PhD.  Semoga ianya menjadi panduan kepada saya dan juga kepada rakan-rakan yang sedang bertarung dan berjuang dengan PhD.


AS I close the PhD chapter of my life, I thought I’d share a bit of my roller coaster ride with those who are maybe, still thinking whether to take the PhD (or MSc) ride, just getting into their roller coaster car, at the highest point or the lowest point of the ride or after a lot of laughs and cries are moving towards the end of their ride. My PhD ride was as bumpy as any other… challenging supervisors, failed experiments, daunting analysis, three kids, tired husband, seemingly endless thesis writing but I found some actions work better than others and helps make my ride less bumpier . There were also actions that I wish I had taken during my PhD. I wish to share these actions /tips/strategies..which I will call as notes with all of you hoping that it can ease someone else’s ride too . I have 11 notes but will post it in batches..
So here goes...

Note #1 Family support is of upmost important!

Husband, wife, mom, dad, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, grandmas, grandpas… they are our source of strength. Keep them close emotionally and physically. For moms, let the children know that we need all the help we can get and make them do chores. Towards the end of my PhD, everybody in our family wash their own plates except for my little one. I rarely cook, throw garbage or hang the laundry which helped a lot. But also remember that we need their support and love as much as they need ours. The PhD ride is taxing to us and our family too.. appreciate them often and make the little time with them count. It's amazing how much a 10 minute chat or cuddles can help release stress. For families of PhD students, thank you in advance for all your sacrifices and for tolerating with moody, stressed, crying, fuming, upset and occasionally happy member of the family.

Note # 2 Get your intentions/”niat” right.

Please..please..please…do not start a PhD program just for the sake of it, or just because everyone does it…or just because the boss wants it.. Even if it is required by your boss or your institution.. find a strong reason that will motivate you to work for it..For me, I know I needed to do well in my Phd in order for me to do well in my future career. The topic that I was working for was also something that I personally have interest in so that helped. PhD is difficult and will be even more difficult if there's no passion for it.. so create the passion, have a project that you are really passionate about and find good reasons that can motivate when things get rough, as believe me things will.

Note #3 Finding and handling supervisors

Finding a good supervisor is tricky when we rely on e-mails as the only source of communication. We can’t see their character, we can’t tell how busy there are. But there is a high chance that a person can be a good sv if, he/she responds quickly, is actively writing and publishing and have many students. It’ll be good if you can somehow search for the sv’s old/current students and ask them about the sv. Because we only know so much, the Almighty’s help is especially vital for us to land with a good sv, so after all is done to get to know the sv, do pray hard for a good one.

I had two good and one challenging supervisors. Here are my opinions about how to deal with supervisors and make full use of their limited time.

a) Set to meet at least one of the sv regularly- literally chase them ! – weekly if possible . Not longer than biweekly. Even if it seems like there's nothing to say..there is.. these meetings keep us on our toes and the sv will keep us on track. Go prepared with results, problems, strategies.. When bringing in problems to the sv , think first and be prepared with a possible solution. Supervisors are not there to give us answers, that’s our job. They are there to just give us directions of where to find answers. The reading, the thinking, the trying, that’s all up to us. I was blessed because my good sv never gave me a chance and will make sure that I see her at least biweekly. I hated it! But now am thankful for it.

b) Promise them datelines – That really works for me because I am a procrastinator. I am usually late with my datelines but it’s ok, a week or two late is better than not doing it all which will happen to me if I don’t have datelines.

c) Understand how they work – Supervisors are very busy people. Although there are exceptions, most of the time, sv do not mean to neglect us. We are just not on top of their priority list. We have to work to get their attention and show them we are worth the attention. Figure out when the best time to get fast results from your supervisors is. For me, I usually get feedbacks faster if I give work to my sv on Friday evenings because he apparently work on less important matters i.e: my writing on weekends.

d) Give sv your best work. Not perfect.. but one that we’re happy with. Because their time is limited, they get annoyed if we give them dodgy work.. My sv actually told me once in my face..”don’t waste my time !” . Ouch ! she was right though.

to be continued in the next few days..insyallah...

Sunday, April 11

Masa yang dinanti...

kian tiba...

Lagi 10 hari saja lagi, peperiksaan akhir akan bermula.  Saya pula yang terlebih debarannya.  Seawal 2 minggu lepas tidak putus-putus saya berpesan kepada pelajar supaya memulakan ulangkaji mereka, terutamanya bagi pelajar semester 4 yang akan menghadapi peperiksaan pada hari pertama 21 April ini.  

Mulut ini sentiasa memesan dan mengingatkan mereka setiap kali pertemuan kuliah atau tutorial.  Harap-harapnya melekat di dalam hati.  Saya sudah memberikan segala ilmu terdaya saya, selebihnya terpulang kepada mereka untuk memahatnya di dalam hati. 

Antara tips yang saya perturunkan lagi di sini:

1. Mulakan ulangkaji seawal mungkin.

2. Banyakkan latihan, jika tidak, sekurang-kurangnya satu latihan sehari

3. Lakukan tiap-tiap hari... EVERYDAY! (bagi pelajar saya, masih ingat ya pada video yang saya tunjukkan tempohari)

4. Kenalpasti di mana kelemahan anda, tumpukan lebih perhatian pada kelemahan tersebut.  Jangan ditinggalkan terus apa yang menjadi kelemahan anda. 

5. Jika tidak dapat menyelesaikan sesuatu masalah, jangan berputus asa.  Cari jalan dengan bertanya rakan-rakan atau pensyarah tentang masalah tersebut.  DON'T GIVE UP!

6.  Kenalpasti setiap kesalahan umum matematik yang sentiasa dilakukan (saya ulang berkali-kali di dalam kuliah dan ada yang masih melakukannya di dalam ujian) dan pastikan anda tidak melakukan kesalahan tersebut lagi di dalam peperiksaan akhir nanti.

7.  Kenalpasti formula yang PERLU untuk diingati.  Formula yang boleh diperolehi hasil dari formula asal tidak perlu dihafal untuk mengelakkan otak sarat dengan formula.

8.  Sesudah berusaha, serah kepada Allah dengan berDOA dan TAWAKKAL.  Mohon Allah supaya tenangkan dan terangkan hati untuk menjawab peperiksaan tersebut.

9.  Tidur awal, jangan paksa diri untuk berjaga pada malam peperiksaan.  Jangan jadi seperti pelajar saya yang lepas di mana beliau "blank"  ketika peperiksaan kerana terlalu memberikan tekanan pada otak sehari sebelum peperiksaan.

10. Petua dari kakak saya, setiap kali selesai peperiksaan untuk sesuatu subjek, beliau akan basuh dan syampu rambut seolah membilas semua yang telah diisi sebelum ini untuk melegakan otak serta memberi ruang kepada subjek yang masih belum tiba masa peperiksaannya.  Katanya, ianya berhasil.

Semoga berjaya pada semua pelajar yang akan menduduki peperiksaan akhir.  

Sunday, November 1

ESQ Way 165

Alhamdulillah, pengalaman ketika mengikuti kursus ESQ yang ditaja oleh institusi kami memberikan kesan yang mendalam. Program motivasi ini mempunyai kekuatan dan pendekatan yang agak berlainan dari program motivasi yang pernah saya hadiri sebelum ini.

Apa yang dapat saya simpulkan, program ini cuba menyungkil nilai-nilai di dalam diri seseorang untuk meningkatkan kecerdasan spiritual (SQ) seperti ikhlas, jujur dll yang selalunya terpisah dari IQ dan EQ. Program ini banyak bermain dengan perasaan dalaman seseorang untuk menimbulkan keinsafan di dalam diri peserta.

Nilai yang diterapkan berlandaskan 1 - Ihsan, 6 - rukun iman dan 5 - rukun islam untuk diaplikasikan ke dalam kehidupan seharian, samada kerja dan hubungan sesama manusia. Pada keseluruhannya, saya percaya ramai peserta yang mendapat jika tidak semua, sedikit manfaat dari pengisian selama 3 hari ini. Hendak dicerita saya juga tidak pandai mengolah, cuma saya sarankan, jika ingin mengetahuinya, sertai program ini serta alami pengalamannya, aplikasikan apa yang dirasakan patut.

peserta perempuan

peserta paling ramai - UiTM Pulau Pinang

Wednesday, November 26


Petikan dari La Tahzan - Jangan bersedih.

Yakinlah akan ketetapan Qadha'

Seorang pesakit bertanya kepada seorang doktor psikoterapi tentang kegelisahan hidup. Doktor muslim tersebut berkata kepada pesakit tadi: "Ketahuilah bahawa Allah s.w.t telah menciptakan makhluk dan mengurusnya. Tidak ada satu gerakan atau desahan nafas pun kecuali dengan izin Allah. Jika demikian, mengapa harus risau dan gelisah? Sungguh Allah telah menuliskan taqdir setiap makhluk 50 ribu tahun sebelum Dia menciptakannya."

Al-Mutanabbi memberi pandangannya tentang hal ini:
Di mata yang berjiwa kerdil
persoalan kecil terasa besar
Di mata orang yang berjiwa besar
persoalan besar terasa kecil

Saturday, July 12

Motivasi 1

Saya mendapat email yang menarik. Saya tak pasti siapa penggubah asalnya untuk dikreditkan namanya serta memohon izin, jadi kalau pemilik asalnya melihat ini, sila beritahu saya. Saya ingin kongsikan ke-10 lukisan yang menarik ini dengan pembaca/rakan saya.

Friday, July 4

Seminar - 2

Ini lanjutan dari ceramah ini...lama betul terpaksa memendamkan artikel ini.

Paper kedua ini bertajuk "Stress : Punca dan Kesan dalam Pembentukan Keluarga Harmoni" oleh Y.Bhg. PM. Dr. Mastura Badzis.

Punca-punca stress (3 kategori utama):
1. Pengalaman biasa (daily hassle), cthnya. masalah di tempat kerja
2. Perubahan besar yang berlaku dalam hidup, cth.kehilangan seseorang yang disayangi, hilang pekerjaan
3. "catastrophic event", cth, banjir, gempa bumi, penderaan

Kesan stress:
- sakit jantung
- strok
- kesakitan sendi
- pertambahan berat badan
- hilang berat badan
- masalah makan
- infeksi
- diabetik
- sakit kepala
- kesan pada kandungan
- ingatan, penumpuan dan pelajaran
- alahan
- masalah kulit
- keguguran rambut

- cemas, tidak tenteram
- kurang kualiti hidup
- susah untuk tidur
- emosi tidak stabil
- gangguan kehidupan keluarga dan hubungan sosial
- meransang penggunaan rokok, alkohol dan dadah
- dingin terhadap tugas dan tanggungjawab
- sukar berfikir secara rasional dan tidak mampu menangani sesuatu yang kritikal

Dalam konteks kehidupan berkeluarga
Punca stress
- Personaliti dan persekitaran
- kurang persiapan sebelum perkahwinan
- mental
- fizikal
- rohani
- aspek ekonomi
- aspek sosial
- persiapan menjadi ibu/ayah - kurang ilmu pengetahuan dan tiada pengalaman
- pengurusan masa
- ego dan rendah diri - tekanan emosi

Isu-isu stress
- tidak mendapat anak
- kehamilan
- kelahiran anak
- penjagaan anak
- membesarkan anak
- persekolahan/peperiksaan anak
- ahli keluarga sakit
- pertelingkahan rumahtangga
- kehadiran 'orang ketiga'
- keluarga mertua masuk campur urusan keluarga
- masalah komunikasi
- masalah ekonomi, hutang
- tempat tinggal dan jiran
- penceraian/ibu tunggal

Kesan Stress
- kecelaruan emosi
- pergaduhan suami isteri
- perceraian
- kesan negatif dalam pembesaran anak-anak:
- gangguan kesihatan fizikal
- sentiasa cemas, takut dan panik
- agresif
- ketidakpercayaan kepada orang dewasa
- melanggar disiplin dan peraturan

Bagaimana mengurus stress:
- kenalpasti perkara-perkara yang menyebabkan berlakunya stress
- kenalpasti apa yang anda boleh ubah
- cuba kurangkan tekanan emosi
- moderate reaksi fizikal terhadap stress
- pengurusan masa
- work smart, not hard
- sediakan senarai dan tentukan priorit
- bina kekuatan fizikal
- berjogging, berenang
- makanan seimbang
- kawal berat badan
- tidur dan rehat yang cukup
- elakkan minuman bercaffein
-kekalkan kestabilan emosi
- berjumpa/berbual dgn kawan
- belajar menerima sesuatu kesedihan/ kekalahan/ kekecewaan
- berlaku baik terhadap diri sendiri

Menguruskan stress dari aspek rohani:
- doa
- usaha
- tawakkal
- khusyuk dalam solat dan solat jamaah
- sabar
- ayat 21 surah al-baqarah
- yakin pada qada' dan qadar
- zikir
- syukur
- bekerja untuk ummah
- mulakan hari dengan 'nota' positif
- jadikan Al-Quran sahabat setia
- banyakkan membaca

membantu anak-anak stress:
- ibu bapa perlu mengawal perasaan lebih dahulu tekanan yang dihadapi
- beri ruang untuk berkomunikasi
- galakkan anak-anak berkawan
- jadual seharian perlu dibentuk dengan mengambil kira 'temperament' anak-anak dalam pemikiran
- kanak-kanak perlu diberi peluang bermain dan berehat

Apa perlu buat bila rasa stress:
- tarik nafas panjang
- pastikan nada suara tidak tinggi...quiet and slow
- kira 123456789
- pergi jauh
- fikir sebelum bertindak BUKAN fikir stress sebelum bertindak
- cuba beri tumpuan
- buat keputusan
- cuba bina dan perkukuh perasaan tanpa rasa tertekan
Nasihat dari rasulullah s.a.w, apabila marah dan tertekan
- diam dan tidak bergerak
- duduk jika berdiri dan baring jika sedang duduk
- mohon perlindungan dengan Allah dari gangguan syaitan
- pemerhatian
- basuh muka, ambil wuduk


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